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[100% off] Learn Norwegian for Beginners in 150 Lessons (A1 & A2 Level)


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Course Instructor: Dan H

Language: English


Learn the grammar, vocabulary and communication skills you need in order to become a fluent Norwegian speaker.

Great for absolute beginners!


  • 16 hours of content

  • FULL HD Course

  • Guided lessons to help you build your skills and confidence in Norwegian

  • Engaging practices after each lesson to help you master the topic

  • Everyday situations are presented in Norwegian, and you will master how to communicate in these situations

Complete Norwegian Course from Beginner to Lower Intermediate Level (A1, A2+)

In this course, we will cover following topics: Norwegian speaking, Norwegian pronunciation, Norwegian writing, Norwegian grammar rules and patterns, Norwegian reading, important Norwegian vocabulary, Norwegian listening (at natural speaking pace), and Norwegian communication skills. The interactive lessons help active learners and the immersion method used for teaching Norwegian will accelerate your learning speed.

This Norwegian course integrates innovative and up-to-date teaching techniques. I designed the lessons to be short and intense e-learning sessions.

Each Norwegian lesson is taught by a Norwegian speaker, with supporting visuals, creating the perfect environment to learn Norwegian.

This Norwegian course for beginners offers you video courses that are tailored to incorporate various methods into teaching and accommodate different learning styles, so that they can be a perfect fit for each student, regardless of their knowledge level or of what they have learnt in schools.

Quickly master the basics

Whether you are an absolute beginner, too busy for a language class, or needing to brush up before a trip to Norwegian, this is the perfect Norwegian course for you. It covers all essential skills: pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each skill will have targeted practice sessions, so you will really be able to solidify your understanding. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.

I teach grammar and vocabulary through texts and dialogues based on everyday situations ranging from talking about daily routines, going shopping, and going to the doctor’s.

Start speaking immediately

I will teach you Norwegian in a practical way so that you can easily use what you have learned to communicate in Norwegian effectively. You will not just be listening to the videos, you will be actively training your skills during each video. Each video is immersive so you will directly dive into the Norwegian language.

The grammar is explained in a simple and intuitive way, so you will build up a sound understanding of how Norwegian works.

(Music from Joystock, used with permission)

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners looking to take their first step towards Norwegian mastery
  • Students who have already learned basic Norwegian and want to sharpen their skills

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