[100% off] Linux Foundation Certify System Administrator Practice Exam

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Sample questions

Q) Which of the following commands, type a message to the terminals of all registered users?



c) Print

d) wall

e) Yell

Q) Which of the following kernel parameter instructs the kernel to suppress most of the boot messages?

a) silent

b) verbose = 0

c) nomesg

d) silent

e) None

Q) Which of the following are used in Legacy GRUB configuration file to determine how long the GRUB menu will be

displayed to the user?

a) hidemenu

b) splash

c) Pause

d) showMenu

e) None

Q) The main function is used to start in safe mode in Windows NT?

a) F10

b) F8

c) F6

d) Windows NT does not support the safe mode

e) None

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