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Sample Questions

Q) The use of warning lamps stations, tools and accessories jidohka board in applying Lean to perform some of these principles?

a) Minimizing theft

b) visual factory

c) control awareness

d) care operator

e) None

Q) Lean principle, which refers to the efficiency in the workflow is called ____________________?

a) visual factory

b) supervising

c) Workout

d) Standardization

e) None

Q) Although the company’s management should provide the basis for all efforts to improve, including 5S mainly due to management?

a) straightening

b) Sort luminosity

c) Support service

e) None

Q) As part of the visual plan Factory __________ maps are created and used to identify areas in need of cleaning and organization.

a) Kanban

b) Kaizen

c) Poke-Yoke

d) Who Sai

e) None

Q) Lean principles apply 5S approach that deals with the presence of these elements on a regular basis, you need at your fingertips, and these elements must be less regularly kept out of the way is called ___________.

a) brilliant

b) Standardization

c) ensure stability

d) Sorting

e) None

Q) Which statement (s) describes an undesirable situation, the implementation of the SPC?

a) The lower limit for the control diagram is zero R

b) Attempting to use the SPC for time tracking operations on the stock

c) Statistical process control before implementing HCA

d) Limits of Control wider than the limits customer specification

e) None

Q) If the process is the residue of which is a pair of cards is most preferred, if there are subgroups for continuous data?

a) Individual Moving Range

b) Xbar-R Graphs

c) Xbar-S Charts

d) Np and P Charting

e) None

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