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Course Instructor: Na Jamie Zhang

Language: English


Remote Collaboration is collaborating nearly or remotely through digital media tools towards a common goal with non-physical interactions and sharing concepts, work files, and most significantly, time. The explosive amendment in the business world has brought several challenges. One of the many difficulties is to boost productivity among staff collaboratively effectively the team and even produce effective communication between employees and management.

While operating remotely, miscommunication possibilities will increase because it is comparatively arduous to speak within the absence of visual cues. Virtually every company has witnessed a big call in their growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they need to avoid this time by holding their staff work from home/remote.

Hence, how to have an effective collaboration is not just a matter about communications, but a management challenge. In the course, we will have a deep dive from the basic understanding about remote collaborations to the practical toolkit for making your collaboration work as expected. Moreover, we will touch upon one of the hot management topics in this course as well, which is conflict management. It does not only exist in the physical working environment, but more importantly in the virtual and remote collaboration world. The intension her is to provide you an insight and then trigger your reflection and action planning.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, startups, project managers etc.
  • Leaders and employees in organizations
  • Students

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