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Sample Questions

Q) For what two reasons were the primary index Partitione (PPI) should be considered on the table? (Choose two.)

a) to eliminate areas of data values ​​from the query, thereby reducing the scanning time

b) faster response times, putting all the data in the same section at the same AMP

c) reducing the number of I / O required for processing questions

d) In order to reduce the number of columns in a table, which is necessary for most issues

Q) As the availability of the system is guaranteed in case of failure node in MPP environment with multiple nodes of a bunch?

a) AMP on the failed node migrate to other nodes in the clique.

b) The remaining components migrate to alternative mice.

c) Raid groups belonging to the AMP nodes necessarily closed.

d) Raid groups belonging to the node failure AMP switch to AMP have already run on the remaining nodes in the clique. e) None

Q) Relatively fixed load two statements is correct? (Choose two.)

a) no magazine

b) support NUSIs but USI

c) no secondary index on the target table

d) loads duplicate rows from table multiset

Q) Which of the following apply to non partitioned primary index (NPPI) tables when determining the size of the string in Teradata? (Choose two.)

a) two bytes for a variable length of placement

b) eight bytes per line for ROWID

c) two bytes per line for the line length

d) one byte column to compress

e) four bytes for the primary index

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