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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following provides an incorrect description of portal applications?

a) Payment Tool can be used for payments in reverse Portal

b) Collections Center can be used to view, add and delete accounts in collection

c) SIM administrator can be used to charge the SIM cards in the portal database

d) Self-Care Manager, which is used by customers to manage their accounts, is not Customizabl Developer Center can be used to display the data stored in the portal database

Q) Which of the following statements about the Center client is not it?

a) Customer Center is a Java-based application that can be customized

b) Hierarchical

c) Customer Center is used by customer service representatives to create customer accounts

d) A, B, and C A and C

Q) Which of the following is not a group type of account in Portal?

a) Sharing Bonus

b) discount Sharing

c) Hierarchical Charge Sharing

d) Resource sharing

Q) Which of the following statements about hierarchical groups account is true?

a) A child account can be an account to pay or not pay

b) An immediate parent child must be a paying account

c) A parent can have more than one child account

d) A and C A, B, and C

Q) Which of the following statements about groups of resource sharing is true?

a) In a sharing group discount, members can benefit from each member of the group owned discounts

b) Discount used in a discount for sharing groups is defined by a discount object

c) Charge Sharing Group is defined through the center Price

d) B and C A, B, and C

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