[100% off] Oracle 1Z0-982 Enterprise Plan Budgeting Cloud Server Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Which LCM Category is required to restore Essbase data?

a) Calculation Manager

b) Planning

c) Data Management

d) Groups and Memberships

Q) A user is new to creating business rules. Which two business rule features can help new users save time with pre-built components? (Choose two.)

a) Rule sets

b) Edit Script mode

c) Business rule templates

d) Business rule scripts

e) Designer mode

Q) Several users continuously use custom-created formulas in Excel to supplement their Planning form inputs. What is another design alternative to reduce offline Excel maintenance?

a) Ad hoc forms

b) Reports

c) Smart forms

d) Cell commentary

e) Smart push

Q) Where would you navigate in Data Management to map source data to target scenarios?

a) Category Mapping

b) Target Application

c) Import Format

d) Data Flow Mapping

Q) Which artifact cannot be imported via a flat file?

a) Supporting Detail

b) Exchange Rate Tables

c) Smart Lists

d) Dimensions

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