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sample Questions

Q) Report definitions can be used for the use of these cases? (Choose three)

a) To filter the results pages list

b) As an indirect source of pull-down menu

c) The source data page

d) To copy data from one list to another list of pages pages

e) Reporting on business and the measurement process

Q) Charts can be added to the list and summary records.



c) None

Q) Real Estate Optimization Wizard is used to:

a) Create a data class specifications

b) Retail properties in the BLOB in order to reduce the database table space

c) Retail properties in the clipboard more effectively

d) Improve the performance report on the

e) None

Q) All valid are the following types of Pega 7 of ownership, with the exception of:

a) Date

b) Text

c) line

d) Decimal

e) None

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