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[100% off] PGCES-02 Postgrad SQL CE 8 Silver Certified Practice Exam


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Course Instructor: Mind Link Technology

Language: English


Sample Questions

Q) Choose two incorrect statements regarding the system directory.

a) It stores information about the object definition for the tables and columns.

b) There may be changes in the specifications for the basic version of the update.

c) It is available as a table; however, it is displayed in binary format, so it can not be read as it is.

d) It stores information about the internal database management system

e) It is based on standard SQL specification.

Q) Use the following command to do? Select the correct description below. Note: The “text = #” is the command line for PSQL. Test = # ANALYZE Foo;

a) It collects statistical information related to the contents of the database Foo.

b) It collects statistical information related to the contents of Foo table.

c) It collects statistical information related to the content of the database test.

d) The results of the statistical information related to the contents of Foo table.

e) Command does not generate an error; However, it does not do anything, either.

Q) This phenomenon occurs when PostgreSQL is used without performing VACUUM? Choose two matching those descriptions below.

a) Performance is reduced.

b) It gradually gets to the point where connections are denied.

c) The physical size of the database increases significantly in size.

d) Select only the requests will be accepted

e) Email prompting the administrator to perform VACUUM go with PostgreSQL.

Q) Select the most appropriate use initdb command.

a) It can not be done on the level of the operating system administrator user (superuser).

b) It can be performed only by the user who set PostgreSQL

c) If PGDATA environment variable is not set, it can not be done.

d) When “Auto” is designated as the value of the variable PGDATA environment directory is installed automatically.

e) Directory PGDATA specified environment variable must exist.

Q) Select the most appropriate application to create a new database

a) Only the super-user can create a new PostgreSQL database.

b) Target installation directory variables PGDATA environment or the -D option when creating a database

c) Only one database can be used at the same time, even if two or more databases are created.

d) Only the super-OS (root) can create a database.

e) You can set encoding when creating a new database.

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