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[100% off] PGCES-02 PostgreSQL CE 8 Silver Certified Practice Exam


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Course Instructor: Top Hatrix Hub

Language: English


Sample Questions

Q) CREATE TRIGGER trigger_1 After Sales update on each line procedure write_log Run ();

a) It is setting a “trigger_1” trigger.

b) Whenever ‘UPDATE’ is performed on the “Sales” table, the “write_log” function is called once.

c) The “write_log” function is called before ‘UPDATE’ occurs

d) UPDATE ‘is not performed if the returns’ write_log’ NULL.

e) DROP TRIGGER trigger_1 on sales; ‘ Deletes Defined trigger.

Q) Select two isolation levels supported transactions in PostgreSQL.






Q) PostgreSQL can use an index to access a table. Select two false statements about indexes.

a) An index was created by ‘CREATE INDEX’, and erased from ‘DROP INDEX’.

b) An index was created by ‘CREATE INDEX’, and erased from ‘DROP INDEX’.

c) There are B-tree types, Hash, R-tree index and GIST.

d) By creating an index, performance always improves.

e) The creation of an unused index could affect the performance of a database at all.

Q) Select two inaccurate statements as ‘DOMAIN’.

a) When you define a domain, you can add a default value and constraints to the original data.

b) Domain is an existing namespace between databases and objects such as tables.

c) A domain was created by ‘Create Domain’.

d) A domain can be used as a column type when defining a table.

e) To define a domain, the input functions are necessary and output.

Q) Select two appropriate statements regarding the types of PostgreSQL data

a) A field that can handle up to 1 GB of data.

b) n ‘in CHARACTER (n) represents the number of bytes

c) The integer may be declared as an array

d) There is a kind of non-standard PostgreSQL database, called geometric data type, which manages the two-dimensional data.

e) One type of large object data can be used to store the data of unlimited size.

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