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I always dreamed of an ambitious future but wasn’t doing much apart from wandering and procrastinating. 5 years ago and after some big failures, I realised that something had to be changed. So in order to avoid any regrets, I made the decision to look for a solution to my lack of productivity. I started reading a lot of books and scientific articles around productivity, time management, concentration & focus, habits, psychology and overall personal development, but more importantly I started applying while learning. In order to adopt a new framework I needed to be convinced, so I made sure I was learning from the best and where thorough scientific research or controlled empirical experiments were applied. I wanted to develop a reliable framework that will keep me going even when the motivation is low.

I have been inspired from the learnings of many best selling books such as : Thinking Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, The compound effect by Darren Hardy, Getting things done by David Allen, Focus by Daniel Goleman and many more. I also learned a lot from scientific research and psychology experiments. For non scientific matters like finding meaning and motivation I rather looked for inspiration from people that are ambitious and that have impacted the world we live in.

This course that was initially in the form of personal notes, started more than 5 years ago and has grown steadily since, as the initial interest towards personal development become more of an obsession especially since I could see the positive change on my personal life and career.

This course is the culmination of 5 years of learnings, trials, failures and adjustments. It includes only what worked effectively and some of those learnings have been game changers. I strongly believe that this course will give you powerful tools to get going, set goals that are meaningful for you, improve your productivity and your focus, but also learn to understand yourself. This way you can step by step construct a framework that is best suited to your specific case and custom-made for your own success. While this course alone or any course for that matter can’t be sufficient to achieve your goals, it is definitely full of knowledge backed by science and award winning researchers that I believe will greatly enhance your chances to do so.

I hope you are excited to enrol and I can’t wait to see you join the course.

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