[100% off] Sarah Jane’s Piano Masterclass – The Mete Method

Course Instructor: Sarah Jane Mete

Language: English


Learn Piano in 5 Weeks- not 5 Years. One-time purchase for lifetime enrolment. Watch courses at own pace and complete assigned theory homework, quizzes, and pieces to practice to optimize learning experience.

Most Common Mistake When Learning Piano? Relying on apps or softwares that only focus on note reading. Important concepts such as arm weight, weight transfer, hand shape, finger independence, ear training, and technique are just a few concepts that are essential in learning how to play the piano properly.

Why The Mete Method Signature Masterclass?

  • One-Time Purchase for Lifetime Access to 19 Years of Experience in Piano

  • Five-Week Course Formatted in A Logical Order with Each Video Building off Previous Concepts

  • Additional Course Resources Provided Tailored to Each Week: Theory, Pieces (Practice), Technique, Backtrack Duets, and Musical Glossary Flashcards

  • Content and Concepts Derived from The Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum with Personal Interpretation Added

  • Access to 24/7 Exclusive Support Community (FB Group) With Other Members

Shortcut your path to success and invest in a professionally-made piano course designed in a logical order for beginners.

You deserve this investment! Let me turn you into a professional pianist – FAST.

“Playing the piano without consistent practice or finger training techniques is like a soccer player learning how to play soccer without a ball…” ~Sarah Jane

Who this course is for:

  • Perfect for those who are interested in learning piano at their own pace
  • One-time purchase for lifetime access to the course and online community
  • People who want to make some beautiful music by sight reading or composing their own pieces using blues jazz riffs and different chord progressions

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