[100% off] SAS A00-250 SAS9 Administration Platform Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Select the method of updating the metadata table that provides maximum control over the functionality of the update and can be run in batch mode.

a) Updating metadata option in the manager data libraries in SAS Management Console.

b) Library update metadata task SAS Enterprise Guide.

c) Updating metadata options in SAS Data Integration Studio.

d) MetaLib procedure with SAS code.

e) None

Q) Which statement is false? Updating metadata of the table, you can:

a) add table metadata tables in the physical library, but lacks the metadata repository.

b) determining an update of the table to match the corresponding physical tables.

c) change security settings metadata tables and operating system. Level

d) determination remove metadata table in the metadata records, but does not have a corresponding table in the physical library.

e) None

Q) The client wants to have their system set up so that stored procedures can access the library without having to manage the library missions in the code of the stored procedure. How should the library to be shared? a) default

b) client application

c) by preemphasis

d) user access

e) None

Q) MetaLib procedure allows you to update the metadata of the table. Which method does not provide access to the process MetaLib?

a) SAS Management Console feature update metadata

b) SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer library management function

c) SAS Data Integration Studio feature of updating the metadata table

d) custom code with PROC MetaLib.

e) None

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