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[100% off] Step by step guide to a blazing career in AI and DataScience


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Course Instructor: Rajesh Menon

Language: English


If you are inclined to make AI/DataScience your career, look no further.

You will find the following in the course:


  • A clear-cut go-to path for the job that you aspire for.

  • Learning tips on resume grooming and interviews.

  • How to read a job description ?

  • Understanding the importance of soft skills.

  • Getting to know the roles that companies seek

  • How and where do you fit in ?


  • What are the courses (free / paid) that you should undertake to be successful.

  • How to compare courses from various vendors ?

  • Choosing the right course for you


  • What do all those AI/DataScience terms mean ?

  • How to cut through the clutter and narrow it down to what is apt for you ?

  • What are the job trends of the future ?

All this and much more.

We have divided the course into 3 parts:

  1. Scope of AI/ML/DL/DataScience and Analytics

  2. Jobs and Companies

  3. Courses

Each is a 1 hour+ section addressed to fulfill all the queries that you have about the topics. From a strong basic foundation for AI/DataScience and related subjects, you will wade through applications and future trends.

Then you will move on to jobs and get a good idea about the opportunities that match your requirement.

Finally, we will also explore the breadth of the courses that can bridge a gap or begin a new inning.

You will find 23 links to useful documents, 2 articles, and a ton of free courses.

After finishing this course you will be able to position yourself clearly in the market among the jobs that you find interesting and ways to upskill yourself by choosing apt courses.

Welcome to this course on AI/DataScience courses and jobs !

Who this course is for:

  • Undergrads, grads and postgrads seeking a career or tranistioning to AI and DataScience

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