[100% off] Success starts with a proper goal setting

Course Instructor: Na Jamie Zhang

Language: English


Are you looking for success of your business, project or assignment? Success demands proper goal setting. Goal setting is a process to select a target or objective, which you wish to achieve in the future. If you are serious about achieving your goal, you should start thinking about the plan to guide you throughout. The challenge about goal setting is asking yourself if you are ready enough to accept the sacrifices to reach your goal. Often business or project planning is ignored because people want to get directly into work in order to save time. Planning your goals might be important but systems to achieve what you planned is crucial. Goals are useful for planning and setting directions, but systems help you actually make progress. Goals determine the systems to put in place.

Therefore, we have specifically designed this course to help the audience who are in need.  In the course, we will walk you through the best practice of some steps in order to secure your success in business, work, or project. The course will provide you a deep dive in each step, not just for your inspiration, but also to help you understand and mitigate the risks you might face along the way.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneur, business accelerator, business incubator, start-ups, project manager, project member, innovation lover, and anyone who plans to start a business

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