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Sample Questions

Q) Which requirements must be met in order to perform transaction log backups for a database on a Microsoft SQL Server with Veeam Backup & Replication?

a) The recovery model for the database must be set to Simple.

b) The recovery model for the database must be set to Full or Bulk-Logged.

c) No other backup tool truncates the SQL servers log files.

d) The database must have its log flies on a separate VMDK.

Q) What is the stabilization point in a SureBackup job?  

a) When all recovery verification tests can be started

b) When backup file is successfully verified

c) When the virtual machine starts booting

d) When all recovery verification tests are passed

Q) Which of the following built-in predefined tests can be performed to verify a VM replica started in a Virtual Lab?

a) Application test

b) Heartbeat test

c) Memory test

d) Hard drive test

e) CRC check

f) Ping test

Q) Which EMC SAN storage systems are compatible with the Backup from SAN Snapshot feature in Veeam Backup & Replication?




d) EMC Data Domain

Q) Which procedure is an option to finalize replica failback?  

a) Quick Migration

b) Replica failback does not need to be finalized.

c) Commit Failback

d) VMware Storage vMotion

e) Migrate to production

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