[100% off] ZeroCode Automated Testing Framework – From Zero to Hero

Course Instructor: Otar Dvalishvili

Language: English


ZeroCode testing Framework is becoming very popular. Thousands of developers/testers are using the framework. It aims to simplify testing in the following ways:

  • supports testing multiple parts of applications( rest/soap API, databases, Apacha Kafka etc)

  • uses a declarative style of testing, which means that we don’t have to write the actual testing code.

In the course you will learn:

  • Rest API testing

  • Soap testing

  • security testing

  • database testing

  • Load testing (can be expanded to other types of performance testing)

  • Apache Kafka (  producer/consumer) Testing

I try to explain things as easily as possible. I balance slides and practical examples so that you get the most value.

In all sections, I also show you relevant parts of the framework’s source code, so that you will get a deep understanding of how internal parts work.

Course structure

Every topic has its own separate section. Section 2 is an exception. In that section, I explain rest API testing mostly, but I also show you how to do soap API testing and security testing. I highly recommend going through that section, since lots of framework fundamentals are also discussed there.


ZeroCode framework is written in java 8. We will also use it in our project. You need to have a very basic understanding of Java.

Each section has its own prerequisites. For a detailed explanation please see the prerequisite video in section 1.

How to get the source code.

The source code is available at the Github repo that I will provide. I also provide the source code after each section for your convenience.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers/Automation Testers who want to make automated testing process super easy
  • manual testers who want to be able to write automated tests
  • devops who are curious about automation testing

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